About Us

We love to make hair dreams come true by providing the highest quality braiding applied with care and passion.

Due to the popularity of braiding  in recent years, more salons on the Gold Cost have started to offer braiding as part of their service menu, but there are only a few that can be called “Braiding Specialists”.  Allure specialises  in expertly crafted, beautiful braids for those who only want the best by an experienced technician. Braiding is what we do, every day, and therefore we have become experts in all types of braiding including Corn Rows, Dutch / Mermaid Braids, Micro Braids and Formal Braids for Women, Men & Children.


Why Choose Us?

Boutique Salon

Allure Braiding specialist salon is the perfect backdrop for you to get transformed and make your hair dreams come true.

Colour Options

We keep over 60 braiding extension colours in stock to ensure you get the exact look you want. We have a full range of natural, ombre and bright colour options. We also have a full range of braiding jewelry to give your braids that extra special touch. 

Years of Experience

Our Hair Braiders are  passionate about hair braiding and have years of experience in all types of women's, men's & children's braiding. You can choose from our wide range of braiding options, or bring in a photo of the braids you would like to create your own special look. 

Braiding Products In Stock

We keep a full range of braiding products in our salon including  jewelry, wax's, sprays, brushes  and scarfs to keep your precious braids in top condition for as long as possible.

Various Method Options

Allure specialises in all types of braiding including Dutch Braids, Micro Braids, Corn Rows and Formal Braiding with or without extensions for women, men and children.

Braiding Is What We Do!

While we do offer other services, our braiding specialists braid everyday! While other hairdressers might offer braiding as an add-on service, we do nothing but braiding day in and day out. By doing so many clients a week it has helped us become experts in what we do and ensure you get the best possible service and results.